The Lucid Dreaming Handbook
Easy introduction for beginners
Techniques made simple
Cumulative, compact knowledge
Tips & tricks in lucid dreams
Practice-oriented handbook
Insights through personal experience

What is an Oneironaut?

Roughly translated, it means dream explorer/sailor. The compound word stems from the Greek oneiros for dream and nautes for sailor. As an Oneironaut you have control over your dreams and can shape them as you desire. Create and change the world of dreams with all its components. Although you’re fully conscious throughout this so-called lucid dream, it will feel absolutely real. Experience unparalleled freedom through lucid dreams. This handbook will show you how you can become a lucid dreamer.

“Lucid dreaming offers you a chance to catch up on lost time.”

Lucid Dreaming Handbook

Easy introduction for beginners
Techniques made simple
Cumulative, compact knowledge
Tips & tricks in lucid dreams
Practice-oriented handbook
Insights through personal experience


A wonderful introduction to lucid dreaming

This book, for beginner lucid dreamers, is a clear, simple, yet fascinating guide to lucid dreaming.
The author shares his best tips and advice on how to navigate the amazing world of lucid dreaming. Well worth reading!

Clare Johnson, Author


Avoid common beginners’ mistakes and take your first, sure steps toward lucid dreaming. You will profit from the author’s experience. Attain maximal success with the least effort through easily described methods.
Lucid Dreams
Understand abbreviations and terminologies, two-tiered lucidity, a dreamed lucid dream, pre-lucid dreams, Reality Checks (RCs) and the meaning of false awakening. In addition, the lucid dream and WILD-FAQ offers you answers to some of the most common questions.
Learn the different lucid dream-techniques, like: autosuggestion, critical awareness, dream incubation, rhythm napping, DILD, DEILD, WILD, MILD and WBTB. Easily understandable and practice-oriented explanation.
Handbook of best practices
Creating objects and people, flying, changing locations, having sex, stabilization techniques, overcoming blockades in lucid dreams through practical tips and tricks that enable you to attain anything you desire in clear dreams. These are some of the elements you’ll find in this part of the book.
Interpret your dreams, fight your fears, and unlock the real message behind your dreams. Nightmares are history! Solve your problems in your sleep and draw on the endless well of your creativity.
You dream every night even if you don’t remember. Find out why we dream and what influences the contents of our dreams.
What happens while we sleep? Make lucid dreaming easier for yourself by understanding your sleep process. Find out about the stages of sleep, sleep paralysis (and how you can stop it) and discover simple techniques to fall asleep quickly.
Accompany Tibetan dream-yogis on their journey, get introduced to famous lucid dreamers and find out how lucid dreams contributed to important achievements and knowledge in our history.
You’ll find all these themes and much more in the Lucid Dream Handbook.

“You can only attain ultimate freedom through lucid dreaming.”


My path toward becoming an Oneironaut

Late 2010 I read online about a phenomenon called “Lucid Dreaming” and it intrigued me immediately! In pleasant anticipation I practiced some lucid dreaming techniques and started a dream diary. After not even 14 days I experienced the please of the first lucid dream! An overwhelming adventure I will never forget! It was love at first sight!

The passion for lucid dreaming

I founded the KT-Forum (German lucid dream forum) in July 2011. It has since become one of the largest lucid dream forums in the german-speaking countries. In the meantime, I offer help and advice to thousands of lucid dreamers. Shortly afterwards, I started a lucid dream blog which is by now the biggest german-speaking blog on lucid dreaming!

This handbook is a means for me to share the experiences I gathered throughout the past several years with all lucid dreamers. The handbook focuses on practical tips and tricks I personally learned from my numerous lucid dreams. Regards and best wishes for lucid dreams,
Simon Rausch

“Dreams are an endless well of creativity—draw from it!”


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